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31 Jan

Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday


It’s Monday! You did it! You survived another fantastic, relaxing and possibly crazy weekend. You probably drooled on your pillow and maybe even made pancakes. But was your first date this bad?

Well. Hopefully not.

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Featured Writer

29 Jan

Meet Lois Louise.

Lois Louise writes her travels on her mini laptop.


After an accident involving her head hitting the dashboard repeatedly, Lois Louise has dedicated her life to making the world seem smaller and more attainable. After minimal brain damage to the left side of her brain, Lois Louise uses her right hand to type her words of beauty and her other hand for Sudoku.

Though she doesn’t actually travel (or is able to write or speak in full sentences), Portsketch is proud to have her as a our feature writer for the month of January. She is excellent at correcting grammar.

Spanish Lesson

26 Jan

Today’s Yahoo! blog post;

“I’ve done enough with Ochocinco,’ the former Mr. Johnson told ESPN’s Trey Wingo.

Yes, like having the least productive stretch of his career since the name change became official.”

Read the full post here.

This reminds me, Portsketch would like to announce its name change to “Seis Cero Tres.” We’re pretty excited about it.

Snow sucks.

26 Jan

Follow instructions closely.


21 Jan

Our word-of-the-day is an acronym, FUBAR, meaning “f#&cked up beyond any recognition,” or “f%$cked up beyond any repair,” and the more tame, “fouled up beyond all recognition.”

FUBAR pulls its roots from the German word “Furchtbar,” for terrible or horrible and of course, the opposite of “Wunderbar.”

In January of 1944, FUBAR was coined as a military term in Yank, the Army Weekly magazine and published the first edition of the word as it’s now well known acronym.

This has a lot to do with Portsketch.  Not really, but we will be performing at Foobar in Portsmouth (21 Congress St.) in March.

Their website boasts, “good food, good people, good times” and we would like to add that the drinks are pretty swell, too.

So, go to Foobar and their Facebook page and have a drink on us!*

*Except we won’t pay for it.

In your face(book)!

20 Jan

Just to make things more confusing, we have a Facebook page now!

Visit us here, too:


Snow globe effect

18 Jan

Since you’re stuck inside today, why not work on a skit for Portsketch?!




Two very bored people.

What do they say? How many cats do they pet? What do they use to get out of the house besides a shovel?

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