21 Jan

Our word-of-the-day is an acronym, FUBAR, meaning “f#&cked up beyond any recognition,” or “f%$cked up beyond any repair,” and the more tame, “fouled up beyond all recognition.”

FUBAR pulls its roots from the German word “Furchtbar,” for terrible or horrible and of course, the opposite of “Wunderbar.”

In January of 1944, FUBAR was coined as a military term in Yank, the Army Weekly magazine and published the first edition of the word as it’s now well known acronym.

This has a lot to do with Portsketch.  Not really, but we will be performing at Foobar in Portsmouth (21 Congress St.) in March.

Their website boasts, “good food, good people, good times” and we would like to add that the drinks are pretty swell, too.

So, go to Foobar and their Facebook page and have a drink on us!*

*Except we won’t pay for it.


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