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See you at foobar tonight!

29 Apr



20 Apr

Portsketch will be selling discounted TICKETS to our April 29th show! You can find us at Breaking New Grounds coffee shop in Portsmouth; the best place to get coffee to stain your teeth!

Come meet us Monday April 25th from 7 to 8PM! That’s right, save a dollar or buy several tickets and save more dollars!

To celebrate Laura’s one week anniversary from her last dentist appointment, we will be celebrating by not only offering you this pre-sale, but also offering all of the free things Laura received at her appointment! Yes, YOU could own a brand new, unopened, 5 out 5 of dentist recommended, soft bristled toothbrush! OR look forward to yards upon yards of waxed dental floss! What flavor you ask? You’ll just have to find out!

Dont worry Abigail! I get explosive diarrhea after two cups of coffee, too!

Secure your spot to see Portsketch live at foobar; that’s Friday April 29th at 9PM!

Guests include our smiling, white toothed Spotlight Award winner, Shawn Crapo!

To recap:

PRE-SALE tickets- Breaking New Grounds, Monday, 4/25 from 7-8pm $9

SHOW- foobar, Friday, 4/29 at 9pm $10 21+

THINGS THAT ARE AWESOME- Shawn, coffee, mint floss (damn it! I spoiled the surprise!)

Avoid the middle-of-the-week crisis

13 Apr

Here at Portsketch, we sincerely hope you have a wonderful day; like no other middle-of-the-work-week day can bring you! Maybe today is the day you tell your boss she continuously has poppy seeds stuck in her teeth after her morning bagel. Or maybe you finally tell your cubical mate that tipping to the side of his chair only masks the sound of his fart. Or maybe you say nothing at all and you slip into a deep blissful sleep under your desk. Either way, we hope today is a GOOD day, a joyous day, one of confrontations and rewards! Maybe this Wednesday can be your big day, your big Wednesday!

Big Wednesday Poster

Which reminds me, don’t worry, Portsketch is actively trying to hire Gary Busey for our next show.

We’ll see, he’s a pretty busy guy.


Busy. Brain useless so yarrrrrrrRRrr”

The Most Important News…

12 Apr

Porsketch Comedy gives you, “The Most Important News You’ll Hear Right Now.”

Brought to you by


Click here to view this week’s: Monday Morning Show



Look for Portsketch’s Chris Klemmer,

who gives you everything but the kitchen sink.

Click on “About” page already

6 Apr

Have you seen our updated “About” page?

Click away, friends! Learn more about the wonderful, frightening people behind Portsketch. Please, and thank you!

“We are based in Portsmouth, NH.  We think we’re funny.  Probably not though.

We have an excellent cast experienced in improv; honing their skills here in Port City (with Stranger Than Fiction) and in Bean Town (Improv Asylum, ImprovBoston).

We are grateful for all of the hard working friends and family that helped to make our first show a success!

CAST: Chris, Laura, Mo, and David.

PAST FEATURED GUESTS: E.C.C, Shawn, Michelle, Phil

FILMED BY: Short Stream TV

…cast bios on “About” page…