Avoid the middle-of-the-week crisis

13 Apr

Here at Portsketch, we sincerely hope you have a wonderful day; like no other middle-of-the-work-week day can bring you! Maybe today is the day you tell your boss she continuously has poppy seeds stuck in her teeth after her morning bagel. Or maybe you finally tell your cubical mate that tipping to the side of his chair only masks the sound of his fart. Or maybe you say nothing at all and you slip into a deep blissful sleep under your desk. Either way, we hope today is a GOOD day, a joyous day, one of confrontations and rewards! Maybe this Wednesday can be your big day, your big Wednesday!

Big Wednesday Poster

Which reminds me, don’t worry, Portsketch is actively trying to hire Gary Busey for our next show.

We’ll see, he’s a pretty busy guy.


Busy. Brain useless so yarrrrrrrRRrr”


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