14 Jul

Come join us for our last weekend at the Players’ Ring!!!

July 15th through 17th

Friday and Saturday at 10:30pm

Sunday at 9:30pm

Learn more here:

“Portsketch is a sketch comedy group that is made up of New Hampshire comedians who have a variety of comedy, dramatic and improv training in Chicago, Boston and in New Hampshire. Portsketch is made up of Christopher Klemmer, Laura Thomas, Mo Conley, Shawn Crapo, Brian Kelly and Michelle Blouin.

The shows will feature a different musical act each night which will include Barbara Gomes, Music By Folks, and Matthew Meserve.

Throughout the run of the show will include a variety of special performances by Kevin Baringer, Sam Bennett and E. Christopher Clark.

Co-Founder Christopher Klemmer was “thrilled to see how many different Seacoast performers wanted to do this with us. Everyone involved has been a blast to work with and I think that will show on stage.”

Each show will also feature a different combination of comedy sketches with several sketches only appearing once through the run of shows. Klemmer says this was done “to bring Portsmouth a totally different bang for their entertainment buck. For just about the cost of a movie ticket, you are getting live comedy, live music and more. If you come back the next night, you’ll get a different show.”


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