We are based in Portsmouth, NH.  We think we’re funny.  Probably not though.

We have an excellent cast experienced in improv; honing their skills here in Port City (with Stranger Than Fiction) and in Bean Town (Improv Asylum, ImprovBoston).

We are grateful for all of our hard working friends and family that help to make our shows a success!

CAST: Chris, Laura, Mo, Dave, Shawn, Brian and Michelle.

PAST FEATURED GUESTS:  E.C.C, Phil Kliger, Bryce Hanson, Stranger Than Fiction, Sam Bennett, Kevin Baringer, and Angela Grassie.

FILMED BY: Short Stream TV


contact us: portsketch.comedy@yahoo.com

follow us on twitter: @Portsketch


MO: is a native New Englander and is thrilled to be part of the Portsketch mission to bring traditional sketch comedy to the Seacoast. Though, she leaves Portsmouth frequently as our brave world traveler. Mo has been to every continent, except Australia and Antarctica. But Australia is really just like an upside-down Canada, isn’t it? And she’s been t o Canada lots of time. As for Antarctica, well normal people just don’t go to Antarctica. Actually no, she’ll definitely tack on a visit to Antarctica, because she’s never claimed to be a normal person.

Mo says if she could be any comedian in history, she would be Phil Hartman, except, not a man and not dead.

DAVE: was a shy child due to a humiliating public incident involving Aquaman Underoos. He came out of his shell when he got his first taste of the spotlight doing magic. The allure of the spotlight led him to also do some clowning, juggling and karaoke. He later realized that the spotlight is much more rewarding when you’re doing something that people actually want to see… so he gave it all up for comedy. He has since been a radio DJ, a Jungle Cruise Skipper at Disney World, a stand-up comedian, and an improviser while still dabbling in magic every once in a while (but that’s just to get the ladies).

Back: Shawn, Michelle, Mo, Laura; Ground: Brian, Chris. No one was harmed durning the shooting of this cast photo.

LAURA: when Laura isn’t being dragged around Portsmouth by her dogs,

you can probably find her listening to Flamenco music or hoarding Q-Tips. A t-rex at heart, she prefers to eat meat and her main meals consist of an excessive amount of frosting. She does not watch The Jersey Shore but, does love musicals and recall the “good years on the silver screen,” even

though she wasn’t technically alive when Gene Kelly was dancing.

CHRIS: has a beautiful girlfriend.

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