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Friday Feature: Laura Thomas!

15 Jul

Maybe you saw her perform last weekend; here is Laura sharing a little bit about herself…

If you could live in any country (outside of the US) what would it be? Probably Spain, because I love how passionate flamenco music is. Or maybe France, because I like the word baguette. Or maybe Middle Earth because Aragorn is hot.

Who’s the best superhero and why? I only know of a couple superheroes.  I always enjoy the villains and their “evil” plans more. I mean, what’s the point of overtaking Gotham, anyway?

How cool is Nell Carter and why does Chris look so much like her? I have no idea who Nell Carter is, but since she’s compared to Chris, she’s probably really, really ancient looking.

What’s the nicest thing you ever did for anyone? I adopted my dog from a shelter. She was the only one I wasn’t afraid of. She’s pretty spoiled.

What’s the meanest thing you ever did to anyone? How much time do you have?

What is your favorite part about Portsketch? Portsketch was created solely so that I would have something to talk about other than my dogs.

What would the movie about your life be called? Mocha and Cellulite: The Laura Thomas Story.

What would the sequel to that movie be called? How To Live To Be 1,000 or This Is What It Looks Like When You Never Sleep, Kids.

TONIGHT don’t miss out on sketch comedy from Portsketch at 10:30pm at the Players’ Ring!

You need to see our special guests: an impression from Kevin Baringer, music from new band Music By Folks, and tap dancing from Angela Grassie!

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Friday Feature: Christopher Klemmer!

8 Jul

FINALLY IT’S FRIDAY! Here’s a little bit about Christopher Klemmer, Portsketch co-creator, director, writer, and all-around know-it-all…

When I was a child, my favorite pastime was: Chucking rocks at hobos. Well that and badminton.

To stay cool in the summer, I: Hang out in the air conditioned paradise that is Sears.

The color to best describe my personality would be: Flesh.

The movie to best describe my life is: The Greatest Story Ever Told

The book to best describe my future is: My First Five Husbands…And The Ones Who Got Away by Rue McClanahan

My favorite part about Portsketch is: Finally being able to use fame and fortune to ruin the lives of those who doubted me in Jr. High school.

Sometimes when I close my eyes I like to pretend I’m: not listening.

The last thing I usually think of before falling asleep is: Wow! I sure changed a lot of lives today. Well done!

If I could have a dozen of something it would be: Depends where I am. There are some instances where toilet paper would make the most sense but most often it would be a terrible answer.

I’m often caught: enjoying Sakkio Japan at the Fox Run Mall food court. You caught me again Mallrats!

I’m most known for: being the nerdy twin on the hit TV show “The Hogan Family”

TONIGHT Chris will host our show at 10:30pm at the Players’ Ring!

Don’t miss out on sketch comedy from Portsketch, and our special guests: improv comedy from Stranger Than Fiction, music by Palefighter, and NH storyteller E. Christopher Clark.

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Friday Feature: Michelle Blouin!

30 Jun

Here’s Michelle, catch her before her mind drifts off into space aka Star Wars land…

When I was a child, my favorite toy was:  Definitely my Star Wars figurines.  My favorite was the Ewok Village.

A movie that best describes my life is: Star Wars.  The battle between good and evil has kept my life interesting.  Though, most people tend to lean to the “good side”, I must confess, there is nothing like exploring the “dark side” of the force!

My favorite animal is:  the kangaroo.  You have not lived until you’ve tried the kangaroo jerky from Perth, Australia.

If I could be any fictional character it would be:  Cartman from South Park for sure.  He is the only fictional character on the planet who is a complete asshole all the time and gets away with it!

If I could have a dozen of something it would be:  I would say today, $100.00 bills.  Tomorrow it could be Grey Goose martini’s with extra olives.

My dream vacation is:  The Wonka Factory.  Honestly who wouldn’t want to swim in a pond full of chocolate?!

Come see Michelle perform this summer

July 8 – 17th at the Players’ Ring

Friday Feature: Brian Kelly!

24 Jun

Please welcome new Portsketch Player, Brian Kelly…

When I was a child, I wanted to grow up to be: an architect, but an over-educated, underemployed actor doing sketch comedy in Portsmouth, New Hampshire was a close second.

If I could eat one thing all day it would be: It’s important for you to know this is not a joke. Today I have literally eaten only hamburgers, as I did yesterday. Isn’t being an adult grand?

My favorite part about Portsketch is: Well I was promised pretty girls would laugh at my jokes, so when that happens that will be my favorite part. Until then its probably the 401k.

If I could be any fictional character it would be: Santa. Breaking and entering is the only thing that makes me feel alive anymore and Santa’s got that free pass. Plus that suit has swagger.

My drink of choice is: Usually the sixth one of the night. That one’s usually right on the border between Comfortable Buzz and I Don’t Like Your Tone Officer and I like to live dangerously.

My weapon of choice is: The sixth empty martini glass.

The last thing I usually think of before falling asleep is: My parents never really accepted me for who I am. I’M NEVER GOING TO BE A DOCTOR MOM YOU’RE SUFFOCATING ME I KNOW YOU READ THIS!

If I could have a dozen of something it would be:  A dozen more Tyler Perry films. I wake up every morning thinking the world needs more Madea.

Come see Brian perform this summer July 8th – 17th

at The Players’ Ring!