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Friday Feature: Christopher Klemmer!

8 Jul

FINALLY IT’S FRIDAY! Here’s a little bit about Christopher Klemmer, Portsketch co-creator, director, writer, and all-around know-it-all…

When I was a child, my favorite pastime was: Chucking rocks at hobos. Well that and badminton.

To stay cool in the summer, I: Hang out in the air conditioned paradise that is Sears.

The color to best describe my personality would be: Flesh.

The movie to best describe my life is: The Greatest Story Ever Told

The book to best describe my future is: My First Five Husbands…And The Ones Who Got Away by Rue McClanahan

My favorite part about Portsketch is: Finally being able to use fame and fortune to ruin the lives of those who doubted me in Jr. High school.

Sometimes when I close my eyes I like to pretend I’m: not listening.

The last thing I usually think of before falling asleep is: Wow! I sure changed a lot of lives today. Well done!

If I could have a dozen of something it would be: Depends where I am. There are some instances where toilet paper would make the most sense but most often it would be a terrible answer.

I’m often caught: enjoying Sakkio Japan at the Fox Run Mall food court. You caught me again Mallrats!

I’m most known for: being the nerdy twin on the hit TV show “The Hogan Family”

TONIGHT Chris will host our show at 10:30pm at the Players’ Ring!

Don’t miss out on sketch comedy from Portsketch, and our special guests: improv comedy from Stranger Than Fiction, music by Palefighter, and NH storyteller E. Christopher Clark.

Stay up late tonight!


Friday Feature: Michelle Blouin!

30 Jun

Here’s Michelle, catch her before her mind drifts off into space aka Star Wars land…

When I was a child, my favorite toy was:  Definitely my Star Wars figurines.  My favorite was the Ewok Village.

A movie that best describes my life is: Star Wars.  The battle between good and evil has kept my life interesting.  Though, most people tend to lean to the “good side”, I must confess, there is nothing like exploring the “dark side” of the force!

My favorite animal is:  the kangaroo.  You have not lived until you’ve tried the kangaroo jerky from Perth, Australia.

If I could be any fictional character it would be:  Cartman from South Park for sure.  He is the only fictional character on the planet who is a complete asshole all the time and gets away with it!

If I could have a dozen of something it would be:  I would say today, $100.00 bills.  Tomorrow it could be Grey Goose martini’s with extra olives.

My dream vacation is:  The Wonka Factory.  Honestly who wouldn’t want to swim in a pond full of chocolate?!

Come see Michelle perform this summer

July 8 – 17th at the Players’ Ring