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Six Unique Shows!

4 Jul

*There are SIX unique shows for our run at The Players’ Ring Late Night Summer series; expect a different show each night!*

Featured Guests Include:

Music by Pale Fighter

NH Storyteller E. Christopher Clark

Improv comedy from Stranger Than Fiction

A family friendly sketch by John Herman

You’ll bearly be able to contain yourself with a sketch by Steve Johnson

Music from talented, Barbara Gomes

Stand-up from Sam Bennett

impressions and wigs, and more…

The Players’ Ring Online Box Office or call (603) 436-8123 today!

Dates: July 8th – July 17th

Times: Fri/Sat 10:30pm, Sun 9:30 pm


Invite yourself!

16 Jun

Invite yourself  on our Facebook event page to learn more about our upcoming show!

Late Night Summer Series

2 Jun

Portsketch is very pleased to be a part of the Late Night Summer Series at The Players’ Ring!

That’s right, find us right in the heart of Prescott Park! …Except not outside…or singing and dancing. Maybe the dancing part, but not the outside part.

Want to have your seat just for you and not miss out on any of our six epic shows? Though so. Start stocking up on tickets now, go to The Players’ Ring Online Box Office or call (603) 436-8123 today!

Dates: July 8th – July 17th

Times: Fri/Sat 10:30pm, Sun 9:30 pm

Too late for you? Well, you probably don’t like comedy then. Goodnight, Grandpa.


Whatsss all thisss buzzz about 'Portscotch'?!


20 Apr


Portsketch will be selling discounted TICKETS to our April 29th show! You can find us at Breaking New Grounds coffee shop in Portsmouth; the best place to get coffee to stain your teeth!

Come meet us Monday April 25th from 7 to 8PM! That’s right, save a dollar or buy several tickets and save more dollars!

To celebrate Laura’s one week anniversary from her last dentist appointment, we will be celebrating by not only offering you this pre-sale, but also offering all of the free things Laura received at her appointment! Yes, YOU could own a brand new, unopened, 5 out 5 of dentist recommended, soft bristled toothbrush! OR look forward to yards upon yards of waxed dental floss! What flavor you ask? You’ll just have to find out!

Dont worry Abigail! I get explosive diarrhea after two cups of coffee, too!

Secure your spot to see Portsketch live at foobar; that’s Friday April 29th at 9PM!

Guests include our smiling, white toothed Spotlight Award winner, Shawn Crapo!

To recap:

PRE-SALE tickets- Breaking New Grounds, Monday, 4/25 from 7-8pm $9

SHOW- foobar, Friday, 4/29 at 9pm $10 21+

THINGS THAT ARE AWESOME- Shawn, coffee, mint floss (damn it! I spoiled the surprise!)

Cast party! You’re invited!

2 Mar

Ladies and gentlemen, the Portsketch Players…

Chris, Dave, Mo and Laura all rearing to perform March 11th.


We’re real people, you know.

Chris – a tall person with a heart of gold.

Dave – a dad with too many shoelaces.

Mo – a world traveler who lives a half-hour from her childhood home.

Laura – an alcoholic.


1 Mar



How can you guarantee a seat (or table for you and your friends) for Portsketch’s very first show?

Great question!

BUY YOUR TICKETS EARLY! Go to Me & Ollie’s (in downtown Portsmouth) this Sunday from 3pm to 4pm and buy your tickets for $9 smackaroos (as opposed to the $10 you’d be shelling out the door, whew lucky you, you’re so smart if you buy them Sunday!)

Don’t worry, you’ll find us, we’ll be the ones in matching berets. Ya, you heard me.